Congrats Autumn 2018 Graduates!

Congratulations to all the biograds who completed their degrees in Fall 2019! 

Here are the graduates and what they are up to now:

CJ Battey
Seasonal Migration, Gene Flow, and Speciation in North American Bird
Klicka lab || September 14, 2018
I'm currently a postdoc in the Kern Lab at the University of Oregon institute of Ecology and Evolution, working on estimating dispersal distance and population density from genome sequences of Anopheles mosquitos in Africa.

Emily Bain
Development and Evolution of Cell Behavior and Interactions During Danio Pattern Formation
Parichy lab || December 3, 2018
I'm now a Research Program Advisor in the Biology Department at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. My job includes working to increase the visibility of the Cell and Development Biology research happening here at UVA along the mid-Atlantic, liaising with the local biotech community and ensuring current research personnel have everything they need to be productive.

Alex Lowe
Local Ecological Modulation of Global Environmental Change and its Influence on Benthic Foundation Species
Ruesink lab || September 24, 2018
I just started a Postdoc fellowship with the Smithsonian Institutions MarineGEO program. Over the next two years, I will be investigating the effects of community composition and ecosystem metabolism on nearshore marine carbonate chemistry dynamics. I will be making comparative observations in the MidAtlantic, U.S. west coast, Caribbean, and Antartica to learn more about how local ecological processes may affect ocean acidification. I'll also be looking for a permanent job.

Square Clipart smiley 10 - 1024 X 1023Laura Frost
Phylogeny and Biogeography of Neotropical flowering plant tribe Citharextleae (Verbenaceae)
Olmstead lab || November 16, 2018


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