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BioPhilmD: Demystifying Grad School

Dear SciPos readers!
We know that the process of applying to Ph.D programs, along with many other aspects of the STEM Ph.D experience, can often seem mysterious. So a group of UW Biodept students have been working hard since the beginning of the year to create a series of videos and this week, a free web-streamed Q&A designed to demystify this process. We especially hope these resources will be helpful for potential students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds, first-generation students, and students with disabilities, but they are intended for ANYONE interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Biology, in our program, or anywhere else.
We’re calling this project BioPhilmD. :) You can find short videos aimed at answering specific questions about graduate school at the YouTube channel BioPhilmD. In those videos, you will find advice and tips from current biology graduate students on how to put together your application package, how to navigate graduate life with a disabi…