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Presenting the 2018 BioGrad cohort

Introducing our first-year grad students! Read on to learn our 2018 cohort.

Alex is joining the Strömberg lab and is interested in bettering our ability to extract ecological information from fossil plant remains and the sediments which encase them. He is coming from Greenwood’s Paleobotany lab in Manitoba, Canada, where he completed a masters involving ancient plant community ecology. He has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Utah, having worked in the SPATIAL geochemistry lab and in Paleontology Collections at the Natural History Museum of Utah. He is really excited about the new Burke Museum, and not living in the flat prairies anymore and playing in the mountains.

Alicia is interested in neurobiology and behavior. She is originally from San Diego, CA and completed her bachelors and masters degrees in physiology at San Francisco State University. During her time at SFSU she worked in Dr. Megumi Fuse’s lab studying nociception in insects. She was drawn to UW because of th…