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Letter to the UW Biology Community

Dear SciPos readers,

We are excited to share with you the attached letter, signed by a group of UW Biology and Biology-affiliated graduate students. It presents evidence-based actions we can take as a community to create a more inclusive and equitable climate in our department.

This letter has had extensive input by a large number of graduate students and other members of the department. By sharing it on SciPos, we hope to broaden the discussion of promoting equity in our department and our community. Importantly, we consider this a living document that will evolve in response to additions and suggestions brought forward in these discussions.

In publishing this letter on SciPos, we hope that it may serve as a resource for other graduate students and departments that are involved in similar conversations, or interested in pursuing such conversations, in their own departments. Please check back or contact us for updates on progress towards our actionable items or to get involved. If you …