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Graduate Student Symposium 2017 (there's a song at the end)

If you ever find yourself wanting to broaden your bio knowledge, come to our annual Graduate Student Symposium (GSS). This year's was a mind-stretcher. My reliable sources overheard Meg Whitney, one of our intrepid GSS 2017 organizers, remark, The diversity of topics covered that day always blows my mind. We're one department but we heard about tons of different organisms (everything from bacteria to ecosystems) and tons of different topics in biology (e.g. macroevolution, outreach, pollution, etc.). GSS is always a good chance to remind ourselves of how incredible this department is!
I make it a personal rule to always agree with Meg, and you should too, but you can decide for yourself. Look at what our grads presented:

Alex Brannick: Nestled among dinosaur eggs: New specimens of Alpahdon from Egg Mountain and their implications for metatherian evolutionMolly Roberts: Energy allocation to structural materials differs for two congener species across a range of temperature and f…