Adios, Autumn '16 Grads!

Congratulations to the Biograds who successfully completed their degrees during Autumn 2016! Here we highlight a few graduates:

Yasmeen Hussain
Sea urchin sperm chemotaxis: individual effects and fertilization success
Riffell Lab | October 26, 2016
Up Next: I'm heading to Washington, DC for the Mirzayan policy fellowship at the National Academy of Sciences

Jennifer Mae-White Day
Exploring Drivers of Gene Flow in Jaguars and Pumas in Southern Mexico via Molecular Scatology and Eco-Evo Simulations
Samuel K. Wasser Lab - Center for Conservation Biology | December 2, 2016
Up Next: Lecturing for Dept. of Biology for the next few quarters, while searching for post-docs

Brandon Peecook
Vertebrate patterns of taxonomic and ecological diversity and recovery from the End-Permian Mass Extinction: two novel test cases from southern Pangea
Sidor Lab | November 17, 2016
Up Next: Postdoctoral Researcher at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago


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