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Will King: The Fun of Being a Grad Student

“What is it like,” asked the robotic grad student in his robotic voice, “what is it like to have fun?” The grad student had stopped enjoying research on his quest to become a science machine.
That robot is not me—we lack the cyborg technology, and overall I’m enjoying my grad school experience—but just to be safe I reflected on the things I'm doing to get a PhD. I did a quick exercise to answer the question: How are the things I do as a grad student fun?
I categorized my graduate activities as Type I fun, Type II fun, or no fun at all. Have you heard of these categories? Type I fun we enjoy in the moment. Nerf gun fights, singing in the car, and indulgent napping are things I put in this category. Type II fun sucks at the time but is enjoyable in retrospect. For example, that time my brother and I dared each other to eat stupid amounts of wasabi.
To answer my question I came up with a list of 36 graduate student activities, categorized them, and tallied up the number of activit…