Woohoo! Spring and Summer '16 Defenses

Congratulations to the Biograds who successfully completed their degrees during spring and summer of 2016! Here we highlight a few graduates:

Emily Grason
Mollusca Non-Grata: The influence of top-down control and residence time on the abundance, distribution, and behavior of non-native marine snails in Washington State
Ruesink Lab | May 27, 2015
Up Next: Currently Program Coordinator for Washington Sea Grant Crab Team, responsible for managing 100 volunteers monitoring pocket estuaries at 26 sites in Washington's Salish Sea. Also, Conservation Science Fellow at JRS Biodiversity Foundation, translating grantee science to support project goals.
Website: emilygrason.weebly.com

Jake Cooper
Evolutionary dynamics under various modes of reproduction
Kerr & Bergstrom Labs | June 20, 2016
Up Next: Dr. Cooper celebrated his defense with a dive trip to Belize (so many puffers!) before he starts his postdoc lectureship teaching Bio180 here at UW.

Elli Theobald
Local impacts of global change: shifting range limits, advancing phenology, and communicating research
Hille Ris Lambers  Lab | April 27, 2016
Up Next: Working as a postdoc in the Biology Education Research Group (at the University of Washington), thinking about effective undergraduate education.
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/ellijtheobald/home

photo credit: Bucknell University

Jonathan Calede
The rise of modern mammalian faunas: tempo and mode of faunal turnover in western Montana during the Oligocene
Wilson Lab | June 6, 2016
Up Next: Visiting Assistant Professor at Bucknell University


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