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Summer science sampler

Here's a taste of the research that our grad students are conducting this summer:

Katrina van Raay “This summer I'm studying really tiny things (viruses, toxins produced by bacteria) kill slightly bigger tiny things (bacteria), how the really tiny things can join up to form super tiny killers, and how the slightly bigger tiny things can evade the really tiny things through evolution.”
Will King “I’m playing plumber, electrician, and chef to an escargatoire of predatory snails. I want to find out if snails' appetites for barnacles change with warmer temperatures. (what a fun word)”
Meera Lee Sethi “This summer I am surveying insect herbivory in Mount Rainier's subalpine meadows; I spend my days staring at thousands of leaves and deciding how chewed up they are, collecting bugs, and occasionally being attacked by chipmunks.”
Gideon Dunster “In September I will be going to Argentina for several weeks to collect data from the Toba community, a group of indigenous Argentinians, h…