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Grad Publication: Yasmeen Hussain and Making Spray-and-Pray Pay

Have you ever wondered how sea urchins reproduce? Do you envision their spiny selves crawling over to other spiny friends, courting by poking each other, mysterious appendages emerging from their cryptic bodies?

Unfortunately for your imagination, sea urchins don’t look for mates. Instead, they broadcast spawn, releasing their sperm and eggs directly into the ocean environment. Sea urchins are not alone in broadcast spawning: jellyfish, sea cucumbers, most corals, sea stars, anemones, sponges, oysters, and many other marine organisms reproduce with this “spray and pray” strategy. Sea urchin sperm are small (~25 µm long) and sea urchin eggs are slightly less small (~100 µm in diameter, about the width of a human hair). A tide pool with a volume of 1 cubic meter is gigantic in comparison to these sexy little cells – if the sperm cell was now the size of an average-height person, the length of the tidepool would be nearly the length of Rhode Island. So we might wonder: how in the world …

State of the SciPos & Awards!

We're wrapping up a great academic year here, with commencement at the end of this week (can't wait for wizards robes!) and it's a great time to celebrate the growth of the SciPos community and the accomplishments of this year.

In the past academic year, SciPos has grown to an average of 3,000 views per month, and has nearly topped 100,000 views since its launch in October, 2011! This growth is due entirely to the excellent content generated by our graduate students. And we had the opportunity to recognize those contributions this year at our departmental BBQ. Incidentally, this BBQ was our opportunity to say a final goodbye to the Botany greenhouse, which will be taken down to make space for the department's new building, including a new greenhouse.
So without further ado, announcing this year's winners of the SciPos Awards:
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