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Winter Defenses!

Congratulations to the Biograds who successfully completed their degrees during the winter quarter. We're sad to see them go, but thrilled for their accomplishments!

David DeMar
Late Cretaceous and Paleocene Lissamphibia and Squamata of Montana and the end-Cretaceous mass extinction
Wilson Lab | December 9, 2015
Up Next: Dr. Demar has already launched into a post-doc in the Wilson Lab which took him to India. At right he is pictured in the field in central India in the Deccan Traps volcanic province.

Elisha Harris
Paleoecological evidence reveals no change in local ecosystem structure through a ~2 million year-long global warming event during the Miocene
Strömberg Lab | March 3, 2016
Up Next: Dr. Harris celebrated her defense by heading to Baja to soak up the sun and local flora and fauna.

Hilary Hayford
Tidal migration patterns moderate thermal risk in the intertidal snail Nucella ostrina
Carrington Lab | March 11, 2016
Up Next: Dr. Hayford will be staying on in the Carrington Lab as a Po…