1000 Word Challenge: Round 4!

On Friday April, 15th the Burke Museum, FOSEP, and the Young Naturalists' Society of the Pacific Northwest co-hosted the 4th Annual 1000 Word Challenge. Entrants must describe their research to the crowd using only the 1000 most commonly used words in the English Language. Luckily for some that includes the word 'cell' (probably thanks to the thing in your pocket).

Biology has always performed very well, taking 1st Place in 2013 (Yasmeen Hussain), 2014, and 2015 (both to Dave Slager). This year Biology had a good showing and Alex Lowe of the Ruesink Lab took home 2nd Place for Biology.

If you need a laugh, please continue.

Here's Alex:
In our Sound of water, there is a rock that is also an animal. These rock animals live on the bottom under water when water is high and in air when the water is low. The rock animals give happy homes to many other animals in the water Sound. I should add that this rock animal has a beautiful mouth smell and is fun to eat. In our state, this beautiful mouth smell makes those who grow and give rock animals to our kitchens much money. This makes rock animals important to you and me.

But sometimes the air from our cars changes the water until it hurts the rock animal.
We call this ass water for short because it is bad. Ass water hurts the hard jacket of the rock animal and could attack their beautiful mouth smell. Can you imagine a world with no beautiful mouth smell? A world with no happy homes for water animals? That would be a sad sad sad sad world.
Oh yum! That lime is going to add a lot to the
mouth smell.

But there is hope!

In the water Sound there is a long green, hair-like not-animal life that eats car air and kicks ass water in the face. The acts of long green not-animal make water good and clean. This act of Long green not-animal may keep rock animal safe from car air but we just don’t know.

That is how I do.

I watch rock animal and long green not-animal play together in the good clean and the bad, ass-water. By looking at how rock animal grows with long-green and without long-green in good and ass water, I can learn how to keep the beautiful rock animal mouth smell safe. Maybe long-green helps rock animal make sweet life music for a long time after car air makes our water more ass-like. 


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