Katrina van Raay & Marlies Kovenock: GSS 2016 Wrap Up

The 13th Annual Graduate Student Symposium was a huge success this year! Lot's of people behind the scenes made this happen, not least of which was our breakfast crew:

Twenty Bio Grads gave excellent talks (see below for tweets about some of them!), broken up by a delicious taco lunch and coffee breaks. We kicked off the awards ceremony at our beloved Greenhouse. Like the rest of GSS, it was packed!
The audience and faculty/post-doc judged awards went to:

Best talk: Meg Whitney

Best Dressed: Jorge Bustamante

Best titles: Peter Conlin ("Whatever happened to predictability?: Experimental evolution in alternating environments") & CJ Battey ("The Californians are Coming: Contemporary Range Shifts in Northwestern Hummingbirds")

Most appealing to a 3rd grader: Meg Whitney

Prettiest Pictures: Ian Breckheimer & Meg Whitney

Best new artist: Marlies Kovenock & Kelly Hennessey

Best extemporaneous speaking: Ian Breckheimer

GSS would not have been possible without the following people:

Sarah O’Hara, Kathy Foster, Ben Kerr, Jennifer Hsiao, Amber Hageman, Melissa Steele-Ogus, Itzue Caviedes, Dave Slager, Mo Turner, Foen Peng, Joshua Swore, Zander Fodor, Luke Weaver, Lyda Harris, Meera Lee Sethi, CJ Battey, Alex Lowe, Rochelle Kelly, Hannah Jordt, Cooper French, in addition to the grads (some of them also GSS volunteers) who gave excellent talks!

Check out the tweets below for a summary of some of this year's talks!

~Marlies & Katrina


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