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Katrina van Raay & Marlies Kovenock: GSS 2016 Wrap Up

The 13th Annual Graduate Student Symposium was a huge success this year! Lot's of people behind the scenes made this happen, not least of which was our breakfast crew:

Twenty Bio Grads gave excellent talks (see below for tweets about some of them!), broken up by a delicious taco lunch and coffee breaks. We kicked off the awards ceremony at our beloved Greenhouse. Like the rest of GSS, it was packed!
The audience and faculty/post-doc judged awards went to:

Best talk: Meg Whitney

Best Dressed: Jorge Bustamante

Best titles: Peter Conlin ("Whatever happened to predictability?: Experimental evolution in alternating environments") & CJ Battey ("The Californians are Coming: Contemporary Range Shifts in Northwestern Hummingbirds")

Most appealing to a 3rd grader: Meg Whitney

Prettiest Pictures: Ian Breckheimer & Meg Whitney

Best new artist: Marlies Kovenock & Kelly Hennessey

Best extemporaneous speaking: Ian Breckheimer

GSS would not have been possible without the …

Time for GSS: Great Student Speakers!

This Friday, March 4th is the annual GSS: Graduate Student Symposium. UW Biograds compete fiercely for one of only 20 speaking slots to present their latest ideas, results, and accomplishments to the department and the world! As a broadly integrative department, it's one of the best opportunities we have to actually learn about what everyone else is doing - especially now that we rarely cross Pacific Ave.

I must say - the prizes are also pretty fun. In previous years, awards have been given for Best Dressed (Brandon Peecook in purple pants - need I say more?), Most Appealing to 5th Grader (often involves poop), Best Extemporaneous Speaking (speakers have to incorporate a random word handed to them into their talk), and the Title for Best Title (typically includes a reference to sex, zombies, and/or incompetent politicians).

This year, there is an excellent line up of speakers that I will attempt to communicate as succinctly as possible (i.e. in 144 characters or fewer). For those…