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Yasmeen Hussain: Making Email Sparkly Again

No bones about it, email is one of the most important tools of a graduate student. Getting control of your email can save you an immense amount of time and frustration, and it's important to set good working habits. Yasmeen Hussain (Riffel Lab) shares a bunch of tips (and not a little sparkle) for ways you can turn Gmail into your productivity droid. We're lucky to have Google apps as a part of our UW accounts, but these tips are also applicable to many other email services.

I’m sure you know someone (maybe yourself) whose relationship with their email is a little dysfunctional. Here’s a little quiz to take – give yourself one point for each of these that are true for you:

Does your inbox have more than 1,000 emails in it? Add another point if it’s more than 9,000. (Add an extra point if half of the emails are unread.)Do you often find yourself missing important information/ invitations/ opportunities because you didn’t see the email about it?Does thinking about opening your in…