Hooray for UW Biology's newest Ph.D.s: Spring and Summer Grads!

SciPos is all about raving about our grads, so it's time to take the opportunity to celebrate our most recently-defended superheros. Congrats to all of the recent UW Biology Ph.D.'s who passed their snake fight and graduated during Spring and Summer quarters, these short summaries don't do justice to your years of hard work, but we salute you [if slightly belatedly]! In chronological order of defense date, they are:

Ricky Dooley
Tolerances and responses of seagrasses to hydrogen sulfide and implications to ecology and restoration

Ward Lab | April 10
Up Next: Initiating roughly 1,000 undergraduates into the wonders of biology as instructor of UW Bio's massive gateway course series.

Lauren Berg DeBey
Digging up the past: Postcranial perspectives on Mammals across the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary
Wilson Lab | May 14
Up Next: Seeking a career in Seattle in Project Management or Consulting with an emphasis on data analytics.

Jessica Lundin
Biologic monitoring of environmental contaminants in marine (killer whale) and terrestrial (caribou, moose, and wolf) wildlife populations using scat samples

Wasser Lab | May 19
Up Next: NRC Postdoc in Ecotoxicology at NOAA

Kelsey Galimba
Duplication and Functional Divergence in the Floral Organ Identity Genes

Di Stilio Lab | June 3
Up Next: Currently a post-doc at the Appalachian Fruit Research Station (USDA) working on a new project "Developmental Mechanisms Underlying Fleshy Fruit Diversity in Rosaceae".

Jack Cercheria
Telomere dynamics in Magellanic penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus)

Boersma Lab | June 4
Up Next: Currently a post-doc with Dee Boersma and Sam Wasser on Corticosterone and aging in Spheniscus penguins. Looking for a future post-doc or research position on the evolution of aging with a focus on intervention and treatment.

Heather Hunsperger
Many paths to chlorophyll: the evolution of protochlorophyllide oxidoreductases in the algae
Cattolico Lab | June 5
Up Next: Presently co-skippering a sailboat, heading from the Mediterranean to South America and eventually the south Pacific islands.

Brad Dickerson
The role of wing mechanosensory feedback in insect flight control

Daniel Lab | July 20
Up Next: Postdoc at Caltech with Michael Dickinson

Casey Self
Tooth Roots and the Periodontal Ligament: Morphology, Modeling and Behavior
Herring Lab | July 21

Stephanie Crofts
The Functional Morphology of Hard-Prey Crushing Teeth

Summers Lab | July 22
Up Next: Post-doc with Brooke Flammang at New Jersey Institute of Technology studying the evolution of caudal tail morphology in extinct marine reptiles
Dr. Brad Dickerson demonstrates proper technique and PPE during celebratory event.


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