Annual Departmental Retreat: It's a thing of beauty

This weekend, the department participated in the annual tradition of retreating to the San Juan Islands before the start of the academic year. Faculty, grads, and postdocs reunite after a summer spent scattered across the globe in pursuit of knowledge, to catch up on what everyone has been doing and get revved up about the coming year. 

Friday Harbor Labs is an idyllic setting and the weather couldn't have been better. Check out these photos from grads:


One of the favorite past times of being at the labs is exploring the world renowned marine diversity, you basically can't walk two feet without tripping over it. Here were some finds from this weekend:


If you thought that bucket of inverts was cool, you're absolutely right - check them out in motion here (from Yasmeen Hussain):

And there were even some human activities at this thing too! Highlights include Katie Dobkowski winning the prize for best grad student talk and Myles Fenske winning for best grad student poster. 


Until next year...


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