GSS 2015!

Just a few weeks ago, UW Biology Graduate Students hosted the 12th Annual Graduate Student Symposium. Attendees were entertained and educated by grads sharing their past, present and future research in 15-minute presentations. If you weren't able to make it (or if you did come and want to relive #gss2015), some dedicated researchers, grads and postdocs live-tweeted the conference. Enjoy!

The much anticipated awardees from the talks:
Best dressed: Greg Golembeski and Katrina van Raay
Prettiest pictures: Hilary Hayford
Most appealing to a 3rd grader: Brandon Peecook
Best new artist: Camila Crifo and Hannah Jordt
Best Title: Myles Fenske
Best extemporaneous speaking: Leander LoveAnderegg and Yasmeen Hussain
Best overall talk (faculty pick): Brandon Peecook


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