Snapshots from research

Pictures from grads while doing research. Sometimes the pictures are directly related to their research, sometimes the pictures are of cool things seen while doing research.

Sharp Shin Hawk by-catch during Gambel’s white-crowned sparrow field collection with mist netting in Eastern Washington. The Sharp Shin became caught while trying to catch a small song bird that had just flown into the mist net. The mist net is visible behind me. -Tracy Larson

A picture of "my office" in both the summer and fall...I study the phenology of those wildflowers! -Elli Theobald


On a walk through lion and zebra infested grassland I stumbled upon a bizarre femur in ~255 million year old rock. We found several more like it, but still don't know what it belongs to! -Brandon Peecook

I'm interested in the actin cytoskeleton of Giardia. Currently, I'm investigating the biochemical properties of this highly divergent molecule. My previous work focused on localizing the guanine activating proteins (GAP) in Giardia. Blue are the nuclei, red is actin, and green is the putative GAP. -Melissa Steele-Ogus

I spent the last quarter watching leaves grow! -Melissa Lacey

A photo of one of my summer neighbors. I was camping in western Montana for fieldwork. -Jonathan Calede

Ever wonder what it looks like when a virus infects bacteria? These charismatic plaques (holes in a bacterial lawn) were created by the bacteriophage Phi 6, which infects the bacterium Pseudomonas syringae which itself infects tomato plants. A pathogen of a pathogen! -Katrina van Raay


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