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Snapshots from research

Pictures from grads while doing research. Sometimes the pictures are directly related to their research, sometimes the pictures are of cool things seen while doing research.

Melissa Steele-Ogus: Immunity and Humanity

Probably the most controversial political issue right now is what should really be a non-issue: vaccination. Hot-button phrases are being thrown around–parental choice, bodily autonomy, personal responsibility. I am deeply troubled by the extremely vocal and fast-growing anti-vaccine (or anti-vax) movement.

This issue affects me personally. I am mildly immunocompromised, and while I do my civic and corporeal duty and routinely get my vaccinations, they aren’t always effective. My body doesn’t reliably react to them in the way it’s supposed to (N.B. this is not a failing of the vaccines themselves, but of my immune system). Additionally, there are others who are more severely immunocompromised and are unable to get vaccinated for medical reasons–most notably, those who have struggled with leukemia, lymphoma, or other cancers. These people rely on herd immunity to keep them safe. This means that those who choose not to get vaccinated are not only putting themselves at risk…