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Living the Atheist Hoax

Last week I had a bit of a surprise waiting in my inbox. It was a message from a co-conspirator, "Dr." Greg Wilson, that we had been caught white-handed in our atheist hoax. Our nightmare became real, and we were exposed.
      An incriminating photograph taken in Montana in 2013 shows Greg and myself using plaster of Paris to create a dinosaur bone. Dinosaurs are one of the best tools we of the evolutionist/secular/atheist super-crew use to gobble up kiddos for indoctrination. I feel like an idiot for wearing such a blatant shirt, but honestly, I never thought this photo would surface.
      What's worse is that we were also caught trying to brainwash capable K-12 educators we had tricked into joining us through the DIG Field School. We were also joined by a young clone of Joe Felsenstein, seeking eternal earthly life.

        Okay, enough garbage. I am not sure how I feel about this image. At first I was amused, but over time it has just become sort of a bummer. …

GCC: A scientific conference for graduate students, by graduate students.

Ocean chemist, meet atmospheric dynamicist; Salmon biologist, meet environmental lawyer. Now that we’re all friends, let’s get started.

I recently had the opportunity to help organize the Graduate Climate Conference. The meeting is a competitive-entry, grad student only conference created by UW students and hosted in alternating years by UW and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology- Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. This opportunity to interact with grad students from distantly related fields was extremely valuable. On a sociological level, it was interesting to see the different approaches to research and presentation across fields. On a scientific level, the meeting offered an update on the latest climate (change) research. On top of all that, it was just really fun. The meeting took place at the Pack Forest Conference Center in the foothills of Mt. Rainier, where the summer camp feel was not lost on attendees. Shared cabins, pick-up Ultimate games, s’mores over the fire pi…