Departmental retreat recap

Now that the academic year is in full swing, the leaves are changing colors, and our schedules are filling up with grant applications and office hours, let's take a moment to reflect on the glory that was the 2014 Biology Department Retreat two weekends ago.

Per department custom, the 2014 retreat was held at our gorgeous marine lab in Friday Harbor, WA (note, you can take classes and do research there!).  The weather was perfect (we've been told it's always like that at FHL) and wildlife viewing was plentiful. Lot's of mammals, reptiles, birds, and invertebrates were spotted, not least of which included a particularly friendly red fox, black-tailed deer, racoons, harbor seals, harbor porpoises, California sea lions, killer whales (!!!), California quail, ravens, red tailed hawk, pine siskin, brown creeper, red-breasted nuthatch, band-tailed pigeon, garter snakes, rough skinned newt, alligator lizards, sandlance, pacific herring, possibly cod, metridium, hydramedusa, and more.

Also seen were beautiful starry night skies and shooting stars (too many to count!) up above and bio-luminescence in the water below.

If you missed it, take a look at the photos below and be sure to make it to the next one!

Sunrise as seen from the labs. Photo by Yasmeen Hussain.
Looking out at the FHL dock. Photo by Will King.
Pacific madrona and the harbor. Photo by Yasmeen Hussain.

Rough skinned newt and a banana slug. Photo by Leith Miller.
Red fox! Photo by Jared Grummer.

A member of the southern resident killer whales, as seen from shore on the west side of San Juan island. Bonus points if you can ID the individual. Photo by Jared Grummer.

A biology grad watches killer whales from shore in the morning before science talks. Photo by Jared Grummer.

Gorgeous stained creatures in the Summers lab. Photo by Katrina van Raay.
Little blue skate. Photo by Katrina van Raay.
FHL dock and town in the distance. Photo by Yasmeen Hussain.

The Centennial and night sky. Photo by Jared Grummer.

The milky way or the Salish sea? Looking straight up from the dock. Photo by Katrina van Raay.

Night lighting off the dock. Photo by Katrina van Raay.

The glow of the mainland. Photo by Jared Grummer.

In addition to this spectacular scenery, we also heard from biology grads, post docs, and faculty who gave research presentations on a diverse array of topics.
See you next year at the retreat! Photo by Jared Grummer.


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