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Grad Dispatch from Paradise -- Maui

For two weeks in April, Biology graduate students Katrina van Raay and Eliza Heery had the opportunity to serve as chaperones on Garfield high school’s annual marine science field trip to Hawaii. They recount their experiences below and their photo album is linked at the bottom!
Katrina writes:       Standing in the airport parking lot of the car rental company, I couldn’t believe I was here, and how different it was than I imagined. The sun beat down on us while roosters and hens pecked the dirt by the check out station and palm trees swayed in the wind. The mountains surrounding us were covered in low, lush foliage and birds I had never seen before flew around us. I had never been in a more beautiful parking lot.Our six-passenger mini vans arrived slowly, despite our long-standing reservations, which I soon learned was a reflection of “Maui time”, and illustrated the slower, more relaxed pace at which things seemed to happen here. Waiting for us back at the airport were 42 excit…