weekend links: under the sea

I realize I've done a marine theme more than once for these links, but there's so much great stuff happening down there!

Undersea bowerbirds

Tube feet are not suckers, but epoxy producers

Parasitic worms make epoxy too

Diving bird at 150 feet (video) -- kinda looks like a gannet.

The world still needs more octopus videos. Here one thieves bait while controlling a shark with one arm.

Lion's mane jellies are gloriously beautiful

How purple are purple sea urchins? They stain sea-otter bones.

Swordfish warm their eyes to improve visual acuity

Leopard seals use a baleen strategy with their teeth: fodder for evolution!

Corals signal their enemy's enemy for pest removal very much like plants under insect attack do.

Noisy fish shield their ears; sneaky fish don't bother


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