Science Positive Awards 2011-2012

Thanks to all our contributors for a fantastic first (partial) year! We've already reached 50 posts, including high-quality original research, links to current and interesting science on the web, and reviews of books and papers. At the Spring Fling on Friday, I awarded three personalized certificates with accompanying gift codes for Amazon.

The Lucky Contributor prize, drawn randomly from all posts, went to an early adopter, Marie Clifford, for her gorgeous cross-section of a paper wasp brain at Mushroom Bodies. This kind of research image is incredibly cool for everyone in the department to see, since we don't always know what everyone's working on in such a large group, and it gives a great idea of the variety and beauty of our department's work to outside viewers too.

The Prolific Poster award recognizes a biograd who consistently contributes to Scipos over the award period, and Emily Grason's ongoing series of posts, Species Species of the Week Week, is fun, informative, and abundant. Use our new Emily Grason tag to browse all of her Scipos posts, and, for more of her writing, regard Rah Rah Radula.

The Top Post was very easy to determine this year. Brandon Peecook and Adam Huttenlocker provided narrative and images describing a dramatic trip to ANTARCTICA in which they dug up a giant temnospondyl skull, and we constantly get search engine hits for the extinct tetrapods mentioned in the post. There are about 350 pageviews for that post in total. We're still just a little blog, but posts like this will help us grow! (The runner-up was the beautiful Pursuing Plants in Peru, so check that out if you haven't seen the amazing photos already.)



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